About Us

Promote the well-being of your most valuable asset
— your people.


The single greatest competitive advantage a company can possess is a loyal, motivated and healthy workforce.

Employers of choice offer convenient, user-friendly and stress free work environments by providing their highly valued employees with ergonomic products and wellness programs that promote individual comfort, productivity and health.

We help companies become an employer of choice.

How we help

Our mission is simple, to help you improve the performance of your company by promoting the well-being of your most valuable asset — your people.

We do this by working with your organization to strengthen employee moral through the integration of ergonomic workspaces and employee wellness programs.

Our products and services help forward thinking companies attract and retain employees who value their health as much as their careers. 

We provide the following valuable services:

  • 3D workspace design and planning
  • Wellness program consultation
  • Ergonomic product sales
  • On-site technical services

Our history

We have been working with the employer's of choice in the Czech republic since 2015.